Maximo Fabella has been a tiresless
advocate of Fil-Am political empowerment in
Jacksonville, Florida. "We belive that the only way
to get anything is to organize," he once wrote the
local magazine Jacksonville Today. In 1984, three
major Filipino organizastions in Jacksonville
combined their efforts under the umbrella of
the Filipino American Community Council of
Northeast Florida Inc. Soon, local political
leaders were approaching the community for
support, a and Fil Ams were getting appointed
to local commissions and community advisory
boards. The community's June events,
Philippine Week and Rizal Day, are now
recognized and celebrated by the city.

Fabella, who works full time in the states' Department
of Health and Rehabilitative Services as a public
assistance specialist, has been a lecturer in Philippine
affairs and Fil-Am history at the Florida Community
College in Jacksonville. His extensive knowledge is
partly due to his collection of Filipiniana and more
than 500 books on the Phlippines, which he plans to
eventually donate to the University of the Philippines.
With a master's in history from his alma mater,
Fabella helped write Knowing Rizal.

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